Faced with an unwanted arranged marriage, spirited Anne Lowell runs away only to find herself caught by the notorious highwayman known as "The Black Fox." Though there is something vaguely familiar about the dashing rogue, Anne only knows that she cannot trust him. Is he an outlaw or a man dedicated to aiding those who, like Anne, would see King Charles returned to the throne?

With Cromwell's men dogging their steps, Anne must decide between the safe path and one of danger and intrigue with her noble renegade.

The last thing Nat Braydon needs is a beautiful independent-minded woman to become enmeshed in his plan to ferry Charles out of England to the safety of France. Sworn to fight for his King and country, hoping to erase the mistakes of the past, Nat and Anne embark upon a journey of danger and one of the heart that leads through England, to Newgate and finally to a bold new future.

Adventure and history combine in this delightful, fast-paced romance. Like a tightly woven tapestry of dark and light threads knotted into a marvelous portrait, Jackie Summers weaves a fascinating debut novel. SENSUAL (Apr., 298 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin