The Scottish Highlands don't feel like home to Killian Campbell. She yearns to return to Virginia without her menacing husband, but he has other plans for her. When things become desperate for Killian, she and her young son must escape castle Achallader. But where will they go?

Escaping into the forest, Killian is followed by her enraged husband, who nearly strangles her. A stranger comes to her aid. Ruarc MacDonald—already a bitter enemy of the Campbell clan—finds himself in a most precarious position, having saved Killian's life. Will she in turn be able to save his? Can this woman of great compassion lead the way to peace between their respective clans or will Adam Campbell not rest until Ruarc is dead?

Ms. Morgan brings 17th-century Scotland to life with her powerful story about death, deceit and destruction. The characters are strong and engaging, and their dialect is well-balanced. The author presents a compelling gospel message, as well. (Aug., 399 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston