Sensuous! Mesmerizing! Electrifying! Ms. Baker's Amanda Ashley pseudonym makes a dazzling debut with a new vampire novel in the tradition of Maggie Shane and Nancy Gideon. EMBRACE THE NIGHT is a heart-wrenching tale of a tortured hero who loves deeply and and the one woman who is not afraid of the beast but adores the man within. This is a "must read" for all vampire romance fans.

At 16, Sara Jayne Duncan finds death preferable to life imprisoned in a wheelchair. The night she attempts suicide a mysterious stranger rushes to the rescue.

Gabriel is drawn to the gentle innocent like a moth to the flame. He has loved her from afar, but has been afraid to frighten her with his passion or his dark secret life.

With Gabriel's power, Sara learns to walk. When she begins falling in love with him, he sends her to ballet school in Paris. Five years later, Sara is a prima ballerina and the toast of Europe.

Gabriel finds that Sara has become a beautiful woman and as desire pulses between them they become lovers. Their happiness is shattered by a jealous suitor who forces Sara to see the truth about Gabriel.

Sara is frightened by Gabriel's power, but refuses to let the man she loves leave. Their joy is short-lived as a new and darker, deadlier force threatens their future.

(Aug., 441 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer