Theodora (Teddie) Lovelace disguises herself as a boy so she and her simple brother, Will, can pass as sailors on a British ship bound for Virginia, where Teddie hopes to reunite with her aunt. Her plans fail when Teddie falls into the hands of the brutal captain who uses Will to force Teddie to become a spy.

Miles Winchester has no use for war. His imprisonment in Tripoli makes him view war as a fool's game. Instead Miles disguises himself and becomes the mysterious Night Hawk, slipping his ship through the British embargo to keep his plantation thriving.

When the luminous Theodora bursts upon society, even the woman-hating Miles is impressed, but he has his hands full with an impostor who's causing Americans to think the Night Hawk might be a traitor.

Sexual tension sizzles between Teddie and Miles when they are forced into marriage and maneuvered by Teddie's aunt into a marriage contract that forbids consummation for one year. Wrapped in secrets, the lovers must hold to the disguises that keep them apart.

Kit Garland's talent will wow you in this tale of love, disguise and danger. She's in top form and EMBRACE THE NIGHT is a not-to-be-missed read that should top every reader's list this month. SENSUAL (Oct., 375 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce