Image of Embrace The Night


Image of Embrace The Night

Chance's trilogy comes to a thrilling close as one stubborn, intrepid woman refuses to back down. Since all the characters in this drama have secrets and hidden agendas, each revelation adds intriguing twists to the already knotty plot. The highly entertaining conclusion offers the possibility of future adventures.

Cassie Palmer's new job as chief clairvoyant means that the world's supernatural powers are after her. Complicating matters further is the double geis that ties Cassie to sexy vampire Mircea. If Cassie can't undo the geis, it may destroy them both. Finding the Codex Merlini may be their only hope.

In her quest, Cassie has an unlikely ally in the mysterious Pritkin. Despite his apparent help, Cassie suspects that Pritkin will cooperate only as long as it suits his own agenda. Finding the codex may mean not searching for where it's hidden but when it was, plus finding this grimoire could portend dire consequences for the world. (ROC, Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith