Image of Embrace the Night Eternal: Envy Chronicles Book 2


Image of Embrace the Night Eternal: Envy Chronicles Book 2

More questions are raised and clues
followed in the second installment of Ware's post-apocalyptic Awakening Heroes series. The hero and heroine
in this chapter are dogged by events
or preconceived perceptions of their pasts. Ware continues to explore
the gritty world she has conceived
while thrusting her protagonists into serious jeopardy. A most intriguing book and series!

Although the world as he knew it no longer exists, Simon Japp still can't escape the scars and guilt his former life engenders. As Simon and his fellow time-travelers struggle to survive in this new reality 50 years in the future, Simon learns he has developed the ability to turn invisible.

Sage Corrigan was born after the "change," but she too hopes to escape her past. As the survivors band together to uncover the truth about the Cult of Atlantis and what caused the change, they realize they need to find the mysterious Remington Truth. The clues lead back to the one place Sage wants to forget: the cult community of Falling Creek. The only way Sage and Simon can infiltrate the cult is by pretending to be married. The forced proximity ensures neither can escape the attraction between them. (AVON, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith