In a land where clan means survival, Glencoura has hidden away from those who are hunting her and begun to believe that she and her newborn son are safe until she finds a wounded man on her hearth.

Raised as a border reiver (raider), Lochlyn believes that his true heritage and the prophecy mean he can never claim a wife. But he falls in love with Glencoura and agrees to accompany her when her father, Black Ewen, summons her home.

On a distant island where powerful men bargain for loyalty and defeat means certain death, Lochlyn discovers the devastating secret that Glencoura has kept. It becomes a race against time to save her from those who are bent on possessing her and her son.

Once again, Ms. Castle delivers a sumptuous read. Woven with characters that earn our adoration from page one, comes a story of a woman's triumph over the violence done to her; and Glencoura's noble attempt to avert a clan war pays tribute to the abuse of women that often remains unspoken. SENSUAL (Nov., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black