Part of the Bound Hearts series, Embraced is about Marey Dumont, a woman being pursued by her crazy ex-husband, Vince Clayton. While trying to keep Vince at bay, Marey is also attempting to avoid Saxon Brogan. Tall, teak-skinned and titillating, Sax is a member of the Trojans, a group of men who've been friends since college—and who share their women and dominate them sexually.

Sax has heeded Marey's requests to leave her alone since her divorce. In time, however, he thinks she'll come around to his desires. What Sax doesn't realize is that she's avoiding him so that Vince won't hurt him. But when Vince attacks Marey, Sax realizes he must claim her now.

Leigh strengthens her Bound Heart characters. We glean more background information about the friends when five women gather in a hot tub. Sax comes across as sexy and powerful and very determined to have Marey as his lover. Marey's reluctance to be with Sax is frustrating to read, but the sexual heat the two generate is vintage Leigh. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige