Lady Ginevra and Lord Wolfram have been betrothed since Gin was in diapers. Eight years after their inauspicious first encounter, they meet again. Gin ends up in a vat of purple dye, and Wolfe must meet the king with green hair. The years move along, and Wolfe tries to forget he has a duty to marry; Gin tries to put the handsome, irritating warrior out of her mind.

After the wedding without a bedding, mistrust abounds between them. When Wolfe spies his blushing bride being courted by several of his knightly comrades, he makes her his. The Crusades see a tearful Gin waiting for Wolfe to return, only to be told he is dead. Both families push the distraught widow to remarry, but a ghost resembling her dead husband causes her to doubt her sanity and wonder if death is preferable to a life without her warrior.

Pillow puts a lot of action in a small amount of space, but the ultimate result is a wonderful blend of conflict and love. SPICY (dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith