As Lord Gareth Harcourt watches the young female acrobat Miranda go through her tumbling act he is taken aback by the uncanny likeness between her and his second cousin Lady Maude d'Albard.

When Gareth twice comes to Miranda's aid, it seems that destiny is playing a role in his dilemma. For he carries with him a proposal of marriage from Henry of Navarre, King of France, to Lady Maude, a proposal that Maude would refuse.

Gareth offers Miranda a proposition and it isn't long before she finds herself a part of his household masquerading as Lady Maude. Vibrant, compassionate and a sensual innocent, Miranda touches Gareth's soul, making him feel things he has long thought dead.

But her trust in him becomes shaken and each in his or her own way must decide the right course to take: Miranda to acknowledge her birthright and Gareth to choose between his ambitions and the woman he loves.

THE EMERALD SWAN, a spin-off of The Diamond Slipper and The Silver Rose, ends the trilogy of the mesmerizing charm bracelet. With a deft hand Ms. Feather brings the 1500s and her characters alive. A keeper. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond