In this superb sequel to The Passion Ruby, Sienna Russell, the legendary Stone Keeper, is kidnapped by a ruthless Costa Rican millionaire who hopes to force her into leading him to a priceless emerald. With the help of a powerful drug, he erases Sienna's memory and plants false memories in their place.

Hawk Jackson has been separated from Sienna for months by his need to fulfill the quest of "the Sight"-which has finally led him back to Sienna to save her and to find the emerald. He's thankful that despite her artificial amnesia, something deep within Sienna recognizes him and the love they've shared. As they escape into the jungles and rainforests of Costa Rica, they rediscover each other and the searing emotions that will bind them for all time.

EMERALD'S FIRE is a mesmerizing story seething with danger, adventure and passion, adding new dimensions to an already beloved hero and heroine as they fulfill their destinies. Don't miss this book or you'll miss one of the most pleasurable romance novels of the year! (Dec., 280 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson