Emily is proper and English. She wears dainty, white gloves and has an attitude to match. She is used to England's uptight society. When a man she doesn't love proposes to her, she refuses and flees to Scotland where her beloved brother resides. When she arrives, however, her white-gloved world is turned upside down.

His name is Jamie, and he has the look of a giant, being as wide as he is tall (in muscles, I assure you!). He is also Emily's brother's best friend.

From the first, they despise each other. She's too proper, and he's a barbarian. But after time, the feelings of loathing slowly change into warmer feelings. Just as they are realizing their feelings, Emily's English suitor shows up in Scotland. Will Emily choose the English gentleman over the Scottish hulk?

I found this book sweet and romantic. A great plot was embellished by witty details, and the characters weren't too shabby, either. However, I was utterly disappointed by the ending, which was slightly non-traditional for a romance novel. SWEET (Dec., 320 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Ali Degray