A top Union spy, Jared Hunter has been sent by his commanding officer to kidnap his daughter, to bring her safely out of Georgia to Washington, D.C.

Despite her father's beliefs, Emily is a Confederate with no desire to head North. Emily, believing the dashing Captain is Jared Randall, a Confederate officer, travels with Jared through the South, where they encounter cruel enemies who think Emily's a Union spy. Yet through all their perils, they find desire, passion and love.

Circumstances force Emily and Jared to marry, and though it's a passionate union, Jared fears what Emily will do when they reach her father and she learns his duplicity.

The lovers face many more dangers from the war, their pride, the loss of their child and Jared's mission to Libby prison, yet through it all their love is a constant that allows them peace in a world gone mad with war.

Shari Anton's portrait of the Civil War conveys the tragedy and the horror, even some sense of triumph as a family is torn apart by war, yet brought together as well. Civil War fans will undoubtedly enjoy Ms. Anton's debut effort. SENSUAL (March, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin