Dee sends readers on a thrill ride
of a story that almost makes one feel what the hero is experiencing as an empath. With its strong characters and great storyline, the only thing that would make it better would be if it were longer. At 88 pages, this novella has the potential to be a knock-out novel, but it's too short.

Jordan Langley is a powerful empath who's shuttered himself away from the world after burning out. Nothing can pull him back into that life, except a plea from an old friend.

Danny Stipe's brother-in-law has been murdered, and the only suspected witness is Danny's autistic nephew, Mike. Danny hopes Jordan can get through to Mike when no one else can. The detective in charge of the investigation, Lauren Sadler, is not so sure. But after seeing Jordan in action, she's willing to give it a try. Soon Jordan and Lauren can't deny their attraction for each other, and when they discover that Mike is using numbers to point to his father's killer, they race to discover the truth before Mike is the next victim.


Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler