Image of Empress (Godspeaker, Book 1)


Image of Empress (Godspeaker, Book 1)

Miller breathes life into a highly complex character in the first extraordinary book of her new trilogy, Godspeaker. The strong-willed heroine is not a sympathetic character, but that makes her all the more interesting. A skillfully created world of ritual and tradition provides a stunning backdrop for her exciting adventures.

Hekat is born in a place where women have no value except to bear sons. Her father sells her to Abajai, a slave trader who recognizes her beauty and treats her well on the long journey to his city of Et-Raklion. Hekat grows to love him, but Abajai plans to sell her as a concubine. When Hekat finds out, she runs away and scars her face so no man will ever be able to use her beauty to sell her. So begins a journey that will take her from slave to ruler. (ORBIT, Apr., 752 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski