Image of Empress of the Seven Hills


Image of Empress of the Seven Hills

In this dramatic and engrossing sequel to Daughters of Rome, ex-gladiator Vix returns. Quinn paints a vibrant and realistic portrait of Rome with solid, well-drawn characters whose political manipulations evoke the treachery of the era. She maintains the myths while keeping her novels true to history.

Vix comes back to Rome to make a name for himself, by becoming a guard in Senator Marcus Norbanus’ household. There, he begins an affair with the senator’s daughter, Sabina. While Sabina weds Tribune Hadrian (hated by the emperor, yet beloved by his empress) Vix is noticed by Trajan because of his loyalty in killing Trajan’s enemy. Once again in close proximity to Sabina, the sexual tension between them continues to sizzle as Trajan suffers a stroke and Hadrian rises to power with Vix as the head of his personal guard. (NAl, Apr., 512 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin