When his daughter refuses to marry, Texas cattleman Sam Reitenaur advertises for a husband, finding English nobleman Rhys Alexander Fitzgerald Buchanan to be the prefect mail-order man to tame Victoria (Tory).

Penniless, Rhys accepts Sam's generous offer in order to support his mother and younger sister. He hasn't the slightest idea that one American ball of fire will change his life so much.

Tory's passion for her ranch, Encantadora, is tangible. Nothing will ever take away the pride and love she feels for her homeland; not some English fop her father buys as her husband. Determined to chase Rhys away, Tory does her best to try and show him that he can never fit into her world and that she has no need for a man.

Rhys does not frighten easily. Tory intrigues him and Rhys decides to do his very best to wed then woo his reluctant bride straight into his bed. Though she fights her growing respect and blossoming desire for Rhys, his gentle courting and sensual assault on her senses soon win Tory's heart.

Then her father is killed and Tory discovers a terrible truth about Rhys. Refusing to trust in his love Tory rushes headlong into danger and only Rhys can save her from a madman's revenge.

ENCANTADORA is a satisfying love story, pitting a freethinking, Texas wild cat (whose passion for her home is akin to what Scarlett O'Hara feels for Tara) against a sexy, gentle and hardheaded Englishman, to come up with a sweet "battle of wills" romance. A charming cast of secondary characters, pages of insightful letters and a chilling climax add new dimensions to the romance even though some readers may find ENCANTADORA lacking a strong conflict between the lovers. SENSUAL (Feb., 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin