Jacobs pens the story of Sandra Giancone and Rocky Delgado, best friends who discover they share a secret passion for master/slave games in "Mastered." Together, they find love and trust in these sexual games.

Hill tells an Arthurian story in "Choice of Masters," one of Sir Thomas who sets out to find and free his soul mate, Lilith, from a spell of unbearably high arousal cast on her by a sadistic wizard. Through the sensual rite of awakening, he convinces Lilith to accept him as her true master and love.

In "Death Row: The Mastering" by Black, Abdul Kan is dead, and his harem wife, Nicoletta, is finally free to leave the harem. But she is abducted by a subhuman who has hunted her down. Something is familiar about him—something that both thrills and terrifies her.

This anthology contains some fairly strong scenes of sexual mastery, but fans of such erotica will definitely find what they are looking for. (dl $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel