Gaelle, a chaste, devout Germani priestess, is captured and sold into slavery in the home of a powerful Roman prefect. Her training has taught Gaelle to accept what cannot be changed, but the day she reads the runes and sees her destiny, she knows her world will be changed as the fates decree.

When her cruel master buys the Celtic chieftain called Cerdic, Gaelle realizes that he is her preordained partner. She admires his proud defiance, his strength and his kindness to others and decides she will do whatever she must to help him escape.

Cerdic manages to escape his masters on the way to the gladiator training camp and then, when it looks as if Gaelle will be killed, he returns to ferret her away with him.

Their journey to freedom is fraught with danger, but it is also filled with passion as Gaelle discovers a new beginning for herself and a love that overshadows all else in her past.

Kathleen Morgan brings ancient Rome to life in her vivid and often brutal portrayal of the civilization in its decline. Readers who thrive on unusual settings, crave the unique and are not disturbed by the harsh reality of history will find that ENCHANT THE DREAM will more than satisfy their longings. SENSUAL (Dec., 404 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin