Like a bedtime story, ENCHANT ME NOT is a delightfully different romance centering on commoners, not nobility and with a hero suffering from an unusual affliction where one sensation involuntarily conjures up another, or the five senses clash with one another.

Though she is promised to a man of title and wealth, feisty Margot deVerona travels to Versailles to learn more about the natural wonders of the world. Here she meets the kings gardener, Alexandre Saint-Sylvestre, a widower with twin daughters and the ability to see speech in colors.

Alexandre does not want to be attracted to the unusual young woman, but he is and he needs a nursemaid for his daughters. She is perfect, perhaps too perfect and too easy to love and desire.

Margot loves life and joy and happiness. Her spirit intoxicates Alexandre and the girls. Their passion ignites every sense and their love is ideal until Margots fianci arrives. Now Margot is indeed in need of a Princebut how much will Alexandre be willing to risk to rescue his Margot from distress?

The fairytale quality of the story (given in each chapters heading) and Ms. Haufs off-beat sense of humor will enchant readers who are seeking a different and entertaining romance, set during the construction of the Palace at Versailles. Alexandres unusual abilities heighten the unique nature of the romance, and certainly intrigued and charmed this reader who would love to see the world as he does. SENSUAL (Feb., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin