Nine years ago, the free-spirited Helena loved young inventor Michael Rowan. Because her father would never approve, she kept their relationship a secret. Then she discovered she was pregnant and quickly married Troy Barnes, a well-to-do senator who was courting her. Now with the recent death of her father, Troy discovers the baby belongs to another man; his anger and abuse send Helena fleeing with her son, William.

Fearful of reprisals from the powerful senator, no divorce lawyer will represent Helena. In response, she opens a shelter for abused women and forms a plan to get Troy to agree to the divorce. But she needs the help of Professor Michael Rowan, who refuses to get involved—until he learns William is his child.

Feminist, powerful, inspiring, ENCHANTED AFTERNOON is a compelling read, opening new vistas for historical readers. Ms. Wiggs explores powerful contemporary themes in a 19th-century setting with aplomb, yet never loses sight of the love story. SENSUAL (Sep., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin