Image of Enchanted Again (Mystic Circle)


Image of Enchanted Again (Mystic Circle)

The second book in the Mystic Circle series is much like the first: a litany of two-dimensional characters being moved around at the whim of the plot. The conflicts in the book don’t feel real, and the relationship between Amber and Rafe develops entirely too quickly to be believable.

Amber Sarga is a genealogist and a curse-breaker. She’d prefer to do the former rather than the latter, as breaking curses takes years off her life — literally. However, she may have to do just that when two cursed men come into her life. Conrad Tyne-Cymbler’s wife has left and taken his son with her — and when he sees his son again, it will be a harbinger of his death. Rafe Davail’s curse is a little less complicated but no less deadly: he will die before his 33rd birthday if he is unable to manifest a magical dagger and defeat an evil being. Hired to do genealogical research into the origins of their respective curses, Amber finds herself drawn to the wealthy and athletic Rafe, and while she’s willing to offer guidance and assistance, she can’t break his curse without risking her life, and that of those she loves. (LUNA, Jan., 432 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs