To keep her family home and her distillery, Drumcorrie, Jewel MacKenzie needs a husband. Unless she marries, her home will go to her cousin. Thus Jewel sets out for Cowcadden, the Glasgow prison, to find a husband.

Tor Ban Cameron has been imprisoned for six months. Starved and beaten, Tor has been wrongly jailed and longs for a chance to escape and seek revenge. When given the opportunity to wed the ravishing Jewel, Tor readily agrees.

Escape, however, will have to wait. Tor succumbs to a fever and must bide his time until his strength returns.

In the meantime, he fights the unwanted attraction he holds for his wife. Jewel wants a marriage in name only and a man to help run Drumcorrie. But her desire for Tor cannot be denied.

Although neither is willing to admit their love, they form a fragile truce. Their newfound peace is shattered when Jewel's aunt and a devious member of Tor's family plots revenge...

Love conquers stubborn pride and foolish misunderstandings, proving that "happily ever after" exists even in the most unlikely circumstances. SENSUAL (Sept., 393 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox