Image of Enchanted Ever After (Mystic Circle)


Image of Enchanted Ever After (Mystic Circle)

You won’t want to leave Kiri’s enthralling world of magic, filled with mermaids, elves and dwarves. Third in the Mystic Circle series, this entry stands alone, but you will definitely want to read the previous adventures. An engaging fantasy, especially for those who enjoy a more contemporary read.

Applying for a job at an online game company, Kiri Palger hopes to make her real world of adult responsibilities more like her fun gaming world. Suddenly, her life begins to blossom — she has more friends and meets fascinating people. But as she continues with the game, a strange new part of her starts to emerge. She can never return to her normal life if she accepts her new magical abilities, but isn’t this everything she ever dreamed of? (LUNA, Jan., 400 pp. $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes