When Vivienne La Fontaine and Lance Heart Smith team up as partners for her lingerie boutique, they find it difficult to fight their attraction. Vivienne firmly believes in not mixing business with pleasure, while playboy Lance's credo is finding pleasure with women.

Lance hasn't met anyone he could not seduce to his will, and he vows that Vivienne won't be the exception. But when they give in to their passion, past secrets resurface that could destroy not only their new relationship but their business as well.

Fans of the Heart family will be ecstatic to reunite with characters from Mason's past books. Drama is this novel's high-light. Full of flair and spark, Enchanted Heart/> will remind readers just how long it's been since Mason has released a romance novel, and her fans will yearn for more. (Jul., 353 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton