This trilogy is a cross between every girl's dreams and every mother's nightmare. It features three hot hunks with scorching fantasies on their minds. LaFleur's "Mirage" uses old and new magic to bring Kaci her heart's desire. An antique necklace has her seeing things.

She fears she's losing her mind, but instead, she loses her heart to the green eyes staring back at her from a magical mirror. Ryne sees the reflection of a past life and future love in visions. Kaci and Ryne's scorching love scenes play a secondary role to their tender romance, aided by a matchmaking faerie. Mischa receives a talking e-mail. The sexy baritone pleading with her to open his mail makes her weak at the knees, but the adult-size leprechaun who materializes melts her bones. Love is more potent than the lure of gold in Ladley's scorching fantasy, "You've Got Irish Male."

Aames' "Must Be Magic" is highly entertaining, with a pixie king who uses spelled crystals to find his ladylove. Kerry doesn't have time for a man, but Prince Myghal is more than a man -- he's her other half. Once they become intimate, Kerry wonders how long it will be before Myghal moves on. The addition of trolls, gnomes and levitation while making love makes this last tale a keeper. (Aug. '05, 308 pp., $14.49)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith