In the third book in her series, Kathleen Harrington allows Julie Elkheart to follow her vision quest to Scotland. There she discovers the mysteries behind the strange dream that haunts her and the Highlander who is her soul mate.

Embittered by war and wracked with guilt by his brother's death, Lyon MacLyon's heart is locked away deep within his soul. When a wee lass saves his life and mysteriously disappears, he searches for her, only to return home and find she is his grandmother's guest.

Julie is seeking Lady Hester's aid in discovering the identity of her ancestors, hoping to solve the meaning of her disturbing dream.

Lyon is drawn to Julie, longing to possess her in every way. Yet he knows he is not worthy of her and must send her away. Julie has other plans and will not desert Lyon in his time of need.

As she puts together the pieces of the puzzle surrounding her clan, Julie uncovers a dark secret that may cost them all their lives.

Ms. Harrington gifts readers with a witty and touching tale where she entwines love's ability to heal wounded souls and mend broken hearts with a delightful cast of secondary characters creating a charming story that will bring smiles and tears. SENSUAL (Oct., 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor