Lady Ariel DArchers sullied reputation has made it impossible for her to dream of marriage and a family, until she meets the future Duke of Davenport, Nathan Trevain.

Nathan is drawn to something about Ariel and his natural chivalry compels him to help her clear her name. But when she uncovers Nathans secret life, discovering hes more than a duke, Nathan has to hold her prisoner or lose all he has fought to control.

There is only one way Ariel can prove to Nathan that her love is pure and strong; she will do her best to help him on his mission and risk losing him to see him reunited with his brother.

This is an exciting, sensual, action-packed captive/captor romance complete with an original plot and unique characters. Pamela Britton weaves words into a marvelously colorful tapestry with hidden meanings and intriguing patterns. SENSUAL (Mar., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin