As she journeys from India to London, Gabrielle Jerningham is planning her marriage to Peter Dewland, the Viscounts son, but worries that she will not be up to snuff. Her voluptuous figure, awkward manners (evidenced by spilling tea and losing her dress), spirited thinking and outspoken behavior are not what Peter has in mind for an ideal wife. Though Gabby might not interest Peter, she does intrigue his older brother, Quill.

Originally Quill was to be Gabbys groom, but an accident has left him plagued with debilitating headaches that increase in severity with any physical activity. Destined to remain unmarried, Quill, is stunned by his immediate reaction to Gabby.

Innocence tempered with innate sensuality, intelligence, beauty and a figure that leaves him gasping, she is a goddess in Quills eyes. After sharing a kiss, he is determined to have Gabby as his wife, despite her engagement to his brother and his own physical disability.

ENCHANTING PLEASURES is a true original! Readers will be delighted with the engaging cast of characters, the sensitive handling of Quills headaches, the addition of a mystery that follows Gabby from India and the magical, stirring style that is uniquely Eloisa James. Different and refreshing, ENCHANTING PLEASURES is sure to charm you. SENSUAL (Jun., 342 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin