As a scientist with a rational approach to life, the last place Jack Montgomery ever expected to be was Kaf, the land of the djinn. Especially in the company of Leila, a djinn seductress, who accuses him of stealing her ma-at, her magic. Forced to travel together in search of Jack's sister and her powerful djinn husband, Jack and Leila find themselves bound together by something far stronger than magic or science—love.

A humorous and touching tale, ENCHANTMENT is a wish come true for fans of the genie romance. Leila's vulnerability and courage make her more than a magical creature, and the reader will cheer when Jack comes to trust and love her. A wizard of the genre, Ms. Nance creates a world as exotic and intriguing as the characters who inhabit it. (Sep., $5.99 pp., 384)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal