Book two in The Highland Trilogy revolves around the second Percy sister, pragmatic Laura, who finds herself caught in a dangerous game when she holds one piece of a puzzle that indicates the location of the fabled Treasure of Tiberious.

Fleeing England after her father has been accused of treason, Laura seeks safety in the Highlands with the Provost of St. Duthac. But when the ship is blown off-course, she ends up in a convent.

William Ross, Laird of Blackfearn, has been sent by his brother Gilbert, the provost, to free Laura from the convent. He arrives just in time to save her from enemy hands. All William can do is abduct her himself.

Though his heart and soul are wounded, William is enchanted with the angry Laura and slowly realizes he is falling in love. With some help from Gilbert, the castle folk and his small niece, he finds himself thinking of marriage to the woman who has taken over his castle and his heart.

THE ENCHANTRESS is a book filled with romancepure, sheer, romance. This is a relationship book that will enchant those of us who just want a wonderful love story and nothing more. Enough hints are dropped and characters introduced, however, to set the stage for the last and final book in the saga, THE FIREBRAND. SENSUAL (Aug., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin