Longtime fans of Rush’s Offspring series will be pleased to learn that Rush is self-publishing the thrilling conclusion to her suspenseful series that featured intriguing elements of the paranormal and extraterrestrial. This finale addresses not only the romantic relationship of Magnus McLeod, but also Pope, the mysterious alien featured throughout the series. Kudos to Rush for creating and delivering an exceptional romantic suspense series!

Being resurrected after “dying” leaves Offspring Magnus McLeod with a problem. While he is grateful to be alive, he is now also cursed with carrying part of the Darkness within him. Magnus heads out in order to work on gaining mastery over his beast. Erica Evrard has made it her mission to hunt down serial killers and use her lightning power to kill them. The cost, however, is high, for each use is slowly killing her. In a wilderness area Erica wit-nesses a man rip another man’s heart out of his chest. Magnus arrives on the scene shortly thereafter, but both Erica and Magnus are overpowered by a husband and wife alien team. Lanna and Copeland are part of a larger deadly plot. Can Magnus and Erica survive and stop it? (JAIMERUSH.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith