Image of The End of Everything


Image of The End of Everything

Abbott takes a devastating look at the dark underbelly of suburban life. While lyrically written, this is often hard to read. Nobody is innocent in an Abbott novel, but the characters and their complex, murky motivations are gripping. This intense novel will stay with you.

Lizzie and Evie, 13-year-old best friends since toddlerhood, are looking forward to graduation, summer vacation, all the typical teen preoccupations. Then Evie disappears. Lizzie was the last person to see her, and she starts to remember some troubling details about the day. As panic settles in and Evie’s family members break down, Lizzie searches for clues to her friend’s disappearance. (REAGAN ARTHUR, Jul., 256 pp., $23.99)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French