Image of End Game (Love Inspired Suspense)


Image of End Game (Love Inspired Suspense)
END GAME (4) by Roxanne Rustand: On the alert for the man who has assaulted and killed two women, county deputy Megan Peters is suspicious of new faces. One such face belongs to Scott Anders, and though he has an alibi, Megan senses there is something about him that’s not quite right. She soon discovers Scott is an ex-cop and though his interest in keeping her from harm is irritating, she can’t help but feel gratified. When the killer she’s after begins taunting her, she also finds his interest may be life-saving. This third story in Rustand’s Big Sky Secrets series has plenty of suspense. The hero’s penchant for adopting unwanted animals adds a delightfully compassionate element to this well-crafted mystery.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley