In Sussex, England, Chief Inspector Wexford and Detective Sergeant Hannah Goldsmith investigate the murder of Amber Marshalson, a young woman who never came home after a night of clubbing with friends. When one of Amber's friends goes missing as well, Wexford begins to wonder if the girls were involved in an illegal enterprise.

Further investigation reveals that a month prior to Amber's death, she witnessed an accident. The car driving in front of her was struck by concrete falling down from an overpass. As Wexford and Goldsmith connect the pieces of this puzzle, they uncover sinister and complex motives. Wexford's personal life is in a muddle as well. His unmarried daughter is pregnant and plans to give the child away to her ex and his new girlfriend.

Intrigue and high-stakes suspense imbue this novel with enthralling mystery that is simultaneously puzzling and beguiling. Rendell's ability to intricately weave a web of crime is in top form, keeping the reader guessing until the clues to the murderous plot fall expertly into place. (Jul., 336 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick