Image of Endgame (A Sirantha Jax Novel)


Image of Endgame (A Sirantha Jax Novel)

The sixth and final Sirantha Jax novel is brilliant and brutal, as a war for racial independence is rendered in gritty detail. A promise born of guilt lands Jax at the epicenter of a burgeoning rebellion. Throughout this series, remarkable storyteller Aguirre has taken readers on a gut-wrenching journey filled with great peril, heartbreaking loss and amazing triumph. Kudos to Aguirre for one hell of a ride!

Before she can return to grimspace, a dimension where one can travel light-years through time, Jax feels compelled to fulfill her promise to Loras to help free his people, the La’hengrin, from biological slavery. The drug treatment Carvati’s Cure would liberate Loras’ people from their biological inability to fight back — but the ruling Nicuans won’t let that happen. No matter how just the cause, war is never easy or pretty, and terrible sacrifices must be made. Jax has fought and won other battles, but can she win this one? (ACE, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith