Attorney Michael Crawford still thinks that he can work things out with his wife, until he is served with divorce papers. Starting over he moves into the apartment building managed by Terra OShaughssey.

Terras goal is to manage the new homes in Vanderbilt Manor Chase Estates the ultimate job in her opinion, but first she must prove herself as apartment manager in her current building. However, from the day Michael Crawford moves in, things run anything but smoothly.

As Michael deals with the reasons his marriage broke up and being single again, Terra is busy dealing with her own problemsher family and Michael.

Eventually the two find themselves in a relationship that puts their hearts in danger. As their love grows so does the obstacles put in the path of their happiness.

Endless Love offers a delightful array of characters. I found Terra and Michael to be two of the most refreshing characters I have read in a while. Though I thought the story could have used a little more conflict, I would recommend it to fans of Ms. Greens previous books as well as new readers looking for a good book to spend the day with. (Sep., 251 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debby Hays