Ellie Potter believes her husband died during the Civil War. When she kills an attacking soldier, she's forced to flee and joins a California-bound wagon train.

Meanwhile her husband, an officer at Andersonville, is very much alive. Lawman Rick Tanner is assigned to find him after he's spotted in California and assumes Ellie is on her way to him.

Rick hopes Ellie will lead him to her husband. He doesn't expect to be attracted to her just as Ellie is to him. His verbal barbs raise her dander and their battle of wills escalates.

Rumors force them to marry (in name only) or she will have to leave the train. However, when Ellie falls ill, she and Rick are left behind. He nurses her back to health and seduces her. But both have secrets, and when they reach California, events reach a dramatic climax.

The premise behind ENDLESS NIGHT is intriguing and the verbal sparring excellent, but the lack of real conflict and some slow points in the plot made this reader's interest wane. SENSUAL (Sept., 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager