Chase Remington has always been an outsider in his Boston family because of his illegitimacy and Indian blood. But in the West he is known as the Cheyenne warrior White Wolf, whose mission is to protect his people from the white men who would take their land and freedom.

Stephanie Summerfield, Boston bluestocking, is no ordinary belle. Her strong attraction to Chase has polite society scandalized and when circumstances compel her to become a vicious soldier's wife, she leaves the safety of the city for the wild west and finds herself Chase's captive.

Drawn into Chase's world, and his arms, Stephanie is pulled toward the great confrontation at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. With Custer's army, her ruthless husband and proud warriors all converging at one spot, they will have to fight for their lives and their love against all odds.

Few authors write Indian romances and captive/captor novels like Shirl Henke. Always historically accurate, adventurous, sensuous, emotionally intense and highly entertaining, her novels fulfill many reader's fantasies which is why Shirl Henke is a true shining star of the genre. SENSUAL (Jan. 382 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin