The new Avon release, TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, revises and expands the classic Elizabeth Lowell novel The Danvers Touch.

Photographer Cat Cochran is in a race against money and time. Paying college tuition for her two siblings, plus supporting their spend-thrift mother, Cat struggles to stay out of the red. If she can just keep it together financially for four more months, the crisis will be over.

Due to her desperate financial situation, Cat allows herself be talked into a challenging new job...taking photographs for a book detailing the achievements of legendary ship designer T.E. Danvers. Cat soon discovers that this reclusive millionaire is both fascinating and dangerous.

Having already had one extremely painful marriage experience with a 'rich boy,' Cat is not willing to cut Travis (T.E.) any slack. Passion and desire are two things the two quickly find in common. However, both have learned the painful consequences of trusting the wrong person. Will ghosts from the past doom this rapidly developing relationship?

Elizabeth Lowell's remarkable and unique voice comes through loud and clear in this updated version of star-crossed love. Another Lowell treasure! (May, 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith