Image of Engaged with the Boss


Image of Engaged with the Boss
ENGAGED WITH THE BOSS (4) by Elle James: For the past 20 years Devin Kendall, CEO of Kendall Communications, has put his life on hold to shoulder the burdens of his family. With the family under attack on several fronts, and the new knowledge that his parents’ murderer is still on the loose, Devin turns to his executive assistant for comfort. However, in the morning, with their photos splashed across the newspapers, Devin proposes an engagement in name only to avert unwanted speculation. In love with her boss for years, Jolie Carson is stunned by his proposal but, knowing how much his family means to him, she agrees to the charade, then finds herself the target of a vindictive stalker with inside knowledge. The mystery keeps getting murkier and the tension, both criminal and romantic, keeps winding tighter.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper