Caleb Walker is shocked to learn that he's heir to a fortune and has two brothers, as well. The three men will receive an inheritance from their grandmother, but first they each must take over and run one of her companies. As a farmer from Tennessee, Caleb doesn't have a lot of experience running a financial consulting firm. A.J. Merrick figures her days as second-in-command are numbered when the new boss rolls into town. Instead, it's her days of living a life ruled by order and reason that are soon to be over, especially when Caleb suggests that the best way to control rumors about their alleged involvement is to pretend to be engaged. Kathie DeNosky starts off her next miniseries with a bang. Engagement Between Enemies (4.5) is a fast-paced, funny and fantastically entertaining read you won't want to miss.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck