The English Heiress is the long awaited sequel to The Marquess, and readers finally have Michael O’Toole’s story. Rice reintroduces the charismatic hero and matches him with a no-nonsense heroine. With the strong plot, well-drawn characters and fascinating details of the political problems facing England, Rice entices readers into this delicious romantic adventure that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

Michael O’Toole is a man of many facets: a master of disguise, magician, juggler and a charmer with his own code of honor. The adopted brother of an earl, Michael wonders about his origins. When he comes to aid of Fiona MacOwen, Michael is struck by their resemblance to one another. He decides she will be safe with his friend Lady Blanche Percivel. Blanche is tempted to throw the man out on his ear, but she is intrigued by how Fiona and Michael look alike. Blanche and Michael embark on an adventure filled with misunderstandings, danger and reawakening passion. The answers Michael seeks might just turn their lives around. (BOOKVIEWCAFE.COM, dl $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond