Image of Engraved: Book Five of The St. Croix Chronicles


Image of Engraved: Book Five of The St. Croix Chronicles

Cooper continues to mesmerize with her fabulous steampunk fantasy series, the St. Croix Chronicles. The progression of Cherry’s sobriety lends realism to the story and even some inspiration to readers. Returning to her past tests Cherry’s resolve, reinforcing the admirable strength of her character — one of the many elements that makes this series so consistently incredible. The fascinating foundation of the saga remains with an innovative world of steam- punk gadgets and moody atmo sphere. Cherry’s adventures are not to be missed!

Leaving behind her addiction to laudanum, Cherry St. Croix has embraced alchemy and the wellness it inspires within her. Returning to her beloved yet danger- ous streets of Victorian-era London, she discovers wars between gangs and men torn apart — and she means to learn why. The evil Karakash Veil is likely at the root, and Micajah Hawke is a prisoner in his own Menagerie. Equipped with magical abilities and accompanied by her loving guardian, Cherry endeavors to rescue the ringmaster who showed her so much passion and loyalty. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes