To rescue the women and children who slave in the mines and mills of her village, Marigold Fenwick embarks on a daring mission. She flings herself into the The Duke of Westermeres coach, tears her clothes and demands his help.

To avoid scandal, he takes the beautiful young woman to his home, claiming that she is his fiancie.

A devotee of the womens rights advocate Mary Wollstonecroft, Marigold is determined to keep her independence. But she is only too aware of the dukes masculinity and that she may have to seduce him to attain her goal.

A military hero, science enthusiast and amateur detective, the duke finds himself in an unusual situation. Fascinated by an innocent, intelligent woman with passion to match his own, he must convince her that hes not a villain.

From Almacks to the Scottish hillside, from the safety of each others arms to the dark hellhole of the coal mines, Marigold and her love travel a road where danger waits in the shadows and natures fury adds spice to their sensual courtship.

Katherine Deauxville paints a different picture of the late Regency period with broad stokes. The powerful cast of characters includes a feisty bluestocking vicars daughter; a noble, arrogant hero; and emphasis on the social problems of the working class. Add mystery and plenty of sexual tension to the already-boiling pot and you have a scintillating mixture. SENSUAL (July, 387 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin