Image of Enslave


Image of Enslave

This modern take on "Beauty and the Beast" starts out rocky, but it's worth sticking with, particularly for Jelena's trajectory from cowed wife to strong, vengeful woman. The main love story
is slightly less compelling, but it's more tender and touching.

Nadia, Jelena and Irina Bessonova are sisters whose father, a career car thief, uses them to finance his life of crime, whether by marrying them off to wealthy men looking for mail-order brides or by pimping them out. When their father steals a car from Dominic Luder, a dangerous beast of a man with mafia connections, he demands retribution. Nadia offers herself, willing to submit to his every whim, in exchange for her family's safety. (AVON RED, Oct., 256 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener