Set in a futuristic U.S., Showalter's novel introduces readers to the stunningly beautiful alien hunter Eden Black, who may resemble a human but is really an alien. She was trained as an assassin by her adoptive father and is determined to kill the evil otherworlders who abduct, rape and sell humans as slaves to other aliens.

When Eden misses her target and winds up injured in the process, she is teamed, against her will, with the handsome and deadly Lucias Adair. The antipathy and chemistry between Lucias and Eden are immediate. When these reluctant partners team up -- both inside and outside the bedroom -- the results can't be anything but pure and total combustion for themselves and their enemies.

Although this book is set in the future, with aliens in the leading roles, Showalter has written a story that's universally interesting. Eden and Lucias are well developed, complex characters who share a chemistry that grows as their relationship deepens. Rather than telling the reader that the characters connect, Showalter shows it happening. She also provides fascinating supporting characters for Eden and Lucias to unite against, as well as an exciting, original plot. This well-written book will appeal to all readers, even those who don't normally read futuristic fiction. (May, 304 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider