Tarr pegs Victorian-era London perfectly in this delightful tale of delayed love. This story of four orphans banding together through trials and tribulations at a young age and their relationships after they become adults is poignant and romantic.

Daisy is devastated when Gavin's grandfather comes to claim him from the orphanage. He breaks his promise to keep in touch and a theatrical couple later adopts her. Now, she is the talk of Paris and some parts of London. While performing in a club, she once again meets Gavin, who has been searching for her for years. His offer to help her become a serious actress if she will come stay with him puts both of them in a quandary.

Daisy has had more than her share of men, but Gavin insists on playing the gentleman. Even while trying to change his ways, she is sure deep inside he is still the stammering young boy she loved once.

(Medallion, Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith