Image of Enslaved by a Viking


Image of Enslaved by a Viking

This lusty novel has components of BDSM, scorching sex and the element of surprise. There is clever worldbuilding and tight plotting, with a great cast of characters. Devlin also develops the relationships in an interesting manner.

When 20 warriors are captured by Fatin to be used as sex thralls, each one vows revenge, but none more vehemently than Viking prince Eirik, who had enjoyed her affections before she betrayed him. He doesn’t know that Fatin acts as a bounty hunter to earn enough gold to keep her sister safe. Fatin’s former mistress Aliyah, who controls all pleasure activities for the Consortium, senses that Eirik and Fatin are forming a bond. She makes their lives miserable and forces him to fight a beast as punishment for attempting to escape. When Eirik’s betrothed learns he has been captured, she makes the journey from his homeland and forms an alliance with a rogue member of the enemy to rescue him. After she learns the circumstances of his imprisonment, they hatch a plan to wreak havoc. (HEAT, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown