Painter Dixie has avoided coming face-to-face with Cole since she walked out of his life 11 years ago. Now she's decided it's time to face him and the past they shared. Her best friend, Cole's sister, offers her the perfect excuse to do both when she asks Dixie to paint the family winery's next ad campaign. Whatever Dixie expected from Cole, it wasn't a full-out assault to get her back into bed. Cole's surprise at seeing Dixie again quickly dissolves into the desire he's always felt in her presence. Charming her back into bed feels as natural as his own skin. Eileen Wilks weaves an Entangled (4) web of a family tree in the first installment of the Ashtons Dynasty miniseries. Her charming characters—including the pets—make it a wonderful read.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck